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Interio 22

Interio boiler is a modern design intended for users who do not have enough space for the boiler. Boiler is compact and needs only 1m² to install into the smallest boiler room.

Integrated pellet silo, control unit with a seven-day timer, burner pot from cast iron, circulation pump, expansion tank and safety valve make it simple for installation and use.

The control panel enables an easy and fast regulation of temperature, change of options and customization according to the individual needs of the user.

Boiler efficiency is over 90 % with superior gas emissions. All these advantages makes it a top class 5 product.

  • Automatic control with the option of weekly programming
  • Due to the small size ideal solution for small boiler room
  • Built-in circulation pump, expansion vessel and safety valve
  • Easy to clean and maintains high efficiency
  • Minimal emissions of gases
  • Kotel INTERIO 22kW gledano lozishteto na presek, vratata e oblozena so specijalen izoliracki materijal vermikulit koj ne dozvoluva da ima zaguba na toplina Kotel INTERIO 22kw Presek na kotelot