Light oil

Monoblock burners from 415 to 17000 kW

Main features

• All burners feature high versatility on different types of domestic, commercial and industrial application

• Aluminium casing up to MAIOR P 200.1 and steel casing from P 300.1 with electrical panel on board

• Two stages with hydraulic or electric servomotor up to MAIOR P 400.1

• Progressive mechanical version with flow return nozzle. Shut down flow system on the nozzle managed by coil from MAIOR P 700.1

• Adjustable combustion head for fine-tune regulation and matching with different combustion chamber

• Modulating version with PID system controller with digital set point display and real time value

• Ecoflam offers the electronic range with BMS from the output of 2 MW up 17 MW in monoblock and up to 25 MW in duoblock configuration with electrical panel assembled into the burner or on request with separate switch cabinet


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