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EcoLogic automatic pellet boiler

  • Special fireplace with temperature resistant chamot
  • Automatic cleaning of pipe excanger and fireplace
  • Fully exploiting of the fuel with minimal emissions
  • LCD touch display
  • Internet connection and complete control over the boiler

Cleaning of the boiler after 1000 kg consumed pellets.

Cleaning of the boiler once a year.

The EcoLogic boiler is a boiler from the highest class of modern boilers. It has been created as a result from the cooperation between our professionals and famous Institutes in Germany and Austria.

The EcoLogic boiler is equipped with one of the latest controllers with TFT touch display. Managing and control of the boiler are very simple.

Why the Ecologic boiler is the best?

The fireplace of the furnace is coated with special chamot which allows high temperature of  burning and with that high level of fuel usage. The boiler has a system for automatic cleaning of the rack in the furnace as the pipe excanger which allows ignition and flawless work of the boiler. The cleaning of the boiler is needen after 1000kg of consumed pellets. Complete cleaning chould be commited once a year.





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