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  • Fully automatic pellet stove to be connected with installation for central heating
  • Made from exceptional quality certified steel
  • Decorated with handmade Italian ceramics and ceramic glass through which you have a great view of the flame
  • High level of usage 94%
  • Compact – equipped with circulation pomp, expansion tank and safety valve
  • Integrated tank for pellets with capacity of 30kg

We are pleased to introduce new line of wood pellet stoves type “Interio”

You will be thrilled by build quality, design and rapid heating effect. The most of the generated heat transfers onto the water and just small part onto the environment through glass door. Stoves come with build in circulation pump and 30 kilograms pellet reservoir. Stable heating output generated through automated supply of pellet in accordance to requirements.

Weekly timer for independent work provides you with comfort of fully automated heating. Pelle stoves combine beautiful design, economical heating and comfort. The new implemented design is combination of retro and modern design. Modern designed door with hidden handle are excellent match to classical hand crafted ceramic tiles. Flames that are visible through door glass will create nice and friendly setting.

NEW :  We present you a new product – Pellet boiler INTERIO
It is designed for small residential buildings that have a problem with the placement of a large boiler or require a boiler with less power. It is a version of the stove Interio without ceramic tiles and glass on the door. The sides and door are insulated to keep heat loss to a minimum, so we have achieved higher heat transfer to the water.

The boiler is the same size as the stove and comes with a built-in circulation pump.

First class quality, certified with TÜV THÜRINGEN (Certificate for quality on the technical university in Vienna, Austria, also as ISO 9001:2008 and CE certificate.

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Certificate ISO 9001 THERMOFLUX

Certificate Interio+14

Certificate Interio+20

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